Hi and Welcome to Found My Village .Com I am so glad you found us. My name is Alicia and I’m the owner and photographer at Insley Photography. I am also a mom of two boys and still relatively new to the Fort Mill Area. I wanted to create Found My Village as a community resource for all local moms and dads to help them find the resources they need for this journey called Parenthood.


Have a look around and see what I’ve got so far. Share this page with the moms and dads you know! If you haven’t already check out the parks and playground page and try the sort feature to search by the needs of your little ones! This is an awesome resource for parents new to Fort Mill. No more searching individual websites to see if they are fenced in for your little runner or finding out they don’t have bathroom facilities when it is already too late for your potty training babe!


Now that we have Found My Village up and running, I would love all of your suggestions to make it great! If you own a local business that serves parents or moms to be get in touch and let’s add you to our resources! If you see a need for a business not listed, a new category, or anything else just drop me a message here about it. If you know a great parents resource not listed let me know who they are and why you love them. Then I can get in touch and get them added. Thanks for visiting our page and Thanks for sharing with all your friends! I look forward to sharing this journey of Motherhood with you all and I’m so glad to have you in the Village!

We’ve added a Facebook group join the fun here!